A Way to Save Money

Still being new to the business world of Colorado Springs, I continue looking for new piano tuning customers here.  I like to reward my customers for the efforts they make on my behalf to get my name out to people who have never heard of me.  Many like to say, ” The best advertisement is word of mouth,”  and I think there is truth in these words.  The more my customers tell others about me and give them one of my business cards, the more likely I am to acquire new business.

Here is a case in point.  Two years ago, or so, I canvassed  many of the churches in the Colorado Springs area to give them my card and some literature about my business, hoping, of course, that one day some of those churches would call me to do some work for them.  Well, I got some business as a result of my effort, but what I really want to tell you about is one very interesting incident.  At one of the churches I visited I met a kind lady who took one of my cards for the church and one for herself.  She said she had been thinking that she ought to get her piano tuned after letting it sit without professional attention for many years.  As I left the church that day, I thought, “I’ll never hear from her.”

Guess what!  I heard from her!  About three weeks ago she called me, introduced herself, reminded me of our meeting at her church two years ago, told me she had kept my card all that time, and asked me how soon I could come and tune.  I tuned her piano last week, and we have a second tuning appointment for six months from now.

Some folks say that business cards are museum pieces, but I don’t know.  I could tell you other stories like this one, and those stories make me want to  get my card into the hands of piano owners, especially if it comes into their hands with a good word from a satisfied customer.  That is why I like to reward my customers for sending business my way.  I’ll tell you more about it when I come to your house to tune next time.  See you then.

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  1. L.W.Frazier Says:

    Mr. Barber tuned my piano, which had not been tuned in 25 years, and I thought it was too old to be tuned. He did a great job bringing the piano back to life. I would recommend him to every one for his great work.

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