Johathan Peters is a composer in Colorado Springs and a piano teacher.  If you are interest in lessons or just listening to samples of his fine music, here is the link:

Kim Prather, a piano teacher here in town, has openings for new students.  Contact her at  Phone: 325-762-0171.

Here is a link to the Piano Technicians Guild:

A440 Piano Tuner, Gordon Malik, installs humidity control systems. (719) 444-0495

Acoustic and Digital Piano Buyer.”  For people looking information about buying a piano.  Also for prospective piano buyers. There are two or three books for piano buyers and owners for sale on this site.  This is a site with all kinds of helpful things for piano owners, buyers and people just interested in pianos.    This is the best site to visit if you are looking for a good tuner in your area.  Be sure to go to the Resources tab.  Under Resources you will find the Learning Center.  You will also find information about the history of the piano. Piano teachers will enjoy this area of the PTG site.  This is the Colorado Springs Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild. It is also a good place to go if you are in the Colorado Springs area and are looking for a piano tuner.

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