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  1. Barber Says:

    I want to thank my many customers who have so kindly spoken of my work. These reviews have been the greatest motivation of potential customers to call me for service. Almost all my new clients tell me the reason they contacted me is a visit to this website and reading the reviews people have written. Thank you all so much.

    I want to share a note that someone in Kalamazoo, Michigan wrote to me when I closed up shop there to move to Colorado Springs. I recently cam across it in a notebook, and found it very encouraging: “Thank you for your many years of service, struggling to keep our Petrof piano in tune. We truly appreciate your work and professionalism.

    “I neglected to mention that we would be more than willing to be used as a reverence when you move to Colorado . . . ”

    I don’t know if in the rush and confusion of our transition I ever let this family know about this website, or if they ever had an opportunity to write a review here, so I thought I should share their kind words with you this way.

    God bless you all.

  2. Barber Says:

    Thank you, Georgia, so much for your review. enjoy the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of your home, and you son and dogs are just great.

  3. Georgia Rademacher Says:

    Richard has been tuning my piano for over two years now. He does excellent work! He takes his time with every single key, and he is very careful with my piano which is more than I can say for other tuners. Not only is he hard working, but he’s just a very nice guy. He takes time to answer my questions, and he is wonderful with my son and my dogs. You can’t go wrong with him!

  4. Barber Says:

    Thank you Tory,for allowing me the opportunity to service your piano. I appreciate your confidence in me.

  5. Tory Richey Says:

    Mr. Barber did a wonderful job tuning our Piano-great technician.

  6. Ginny Baker Says:

    I highly recommend Mr. Barber’s piano tuning service. He has tuned our piano for several years now and has always done exceptional work. He is highly skilled, courteous, prompt, and just an overall great person. Call him ~ you’ll be glad you did! :)

  7. Barber Says:

    Your review is very encouraging to me, Mai, and I will give myself to winning your continuing confidence int he future.

  8. Mai Says:

    I was recommended to Mr. Barber’s tuning service by one of his customers. He is knowledgeable, and meticulous in his work. He takes his time on every single key on the piano to make sure they are in the right pitch. He not only does an excellent job on the piano, but also takes good care of his working space. He has been tuning my piano for two years. I recommend him to anyone who wants to have piano services done right.

  9. Barber Says:

    Thank you, Sally for such a thorough and favorable review.

  10. Sally Vitamvas Says:

    Having moved from Iowa to Colorado Springs recently, and with family Christmas celebrations centered around music every year, I needed my baby grand in tune. I was concerned that finding someone qualified to service my well-loved but 40 year old piano would be difficult or impossible to schedule. I lucked into finding Mr. Barber. He worked around my schedule, even though his time was constrained by an upcoming wedding in his family. To top off the wonderful experience, when I told him I would keep my two 60 pound excitable dogs sequestered so that he wouldn’t be inconvenienced, he voiced a wish to at least meet them, since he loves dogs. They loved him, also, and were convinced to be respectful so he could get his work done. On top of all the other positive experience, he spent nearly 4 hours to tune the piano, found that moving had dislodged a critical piece to make the pedals work and fixed it for just slightly over the basic tuning charge. It was a treat to hear my piano played expertly in my new home by a man who is obviously an outstanding musician with a deep love of his work. I would recommend Mr Barber to everyone, with no reservations whatsoever. He is punctual, accommodating, skilled, honest, and meticulous in his work, besides being, seemingly, an outstanding example of the best in humanity. Words cannot express the deep joy I now feel at having my piano, which has survived three children’s piano lessons (they are now grown) three moves, and numerous insults to the case, making it obvious that it has survived sometimes inappropriate abuse to the case, sounding gorgous once more. I have always contented that a house isn’t a home without a piano. My new house is a step closer to being a true home…and the credit belongs to wonderful Mr. Barber.

  11. Barber Says:

    Glad to have be of service, sir, and thanks for your positive review.

  12. AIrForceProf Says:

    My piano has moved all around the country across several different USAF assignments. After our most recent move, my wife and I finally decided to get it assessed and tuned. We were so thankful to have found Mr. Barber here in C Springs. He was extremely knowledgeable and took his job seriously. The value was tremendous as our piano sounds 10x better. Definitely recommend

  13. Barber Says:

    Thank you, Jerry.

  14. Jerry McCauley Says:

    Richard did an AMAZING job tuning my Yamaha baby grand after it made the journey from California to Colorado. He took his time and painstakingly cleaned the interior of the cabinet and tuned it to perfection.

    I’m not sure that it has ever sounded this good.

    Thanks so much for your attention to detail in both cleaning and tuning!

  15. Barber Says:

    Thank you for confidence, Wendy, and for your longstanding loyalty. Businesses survive and thrive with customers like you.

  16. Wendy S. Says:

    Dick Barber keeps our piano sounding great! He does exceptional work and is very friendly. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to have a a perfectly tuned piano.

  17. Carrie Says:

    Richard did an excellent job tuning our piano after many years of neglect on our end. He was very meticulous in his work and we were very pleased with his results. We look forward to our next tuning to get our old piano back into even better shape.

  18. Emily Says:

    Dick Barber has done an exceptional job of tuning our piano. He takes his job very seriously and performs it with the utmost care and detail. After having a previous tuner fixed our broken damper pedal and it breaking again not too long after, Dick fixed our pedal with an attentiveness that our previous tuner lacked.
    I would highly recommend Dick to anyone looking for a dependable and quality-oriented piano tuner.

  19. Marianne A Says:

    I feel so lucky to have found Dick Barber to care for my piano. He is a delightful and knowledgeable person and does an exemplary job of tuning my piano and, when it has required repair, did the work quickly and professionally. He has also helped me explore locations in my house for my piano to help it hold its tuning longer. I have appreciated his work so much over the past few years and hope he will continue to work in this area.

  20. Rachel Says:

    Mr Barber is a great piano tuner! The first time I had him tune my piano I had some lower keys that were not playing right; I could hardly get any sound out of them. As a piano teacher and college music major it’s important for my piano to be in good working order. Mr Barber fixed those keys for me and spent 4 hours tuning my piano because it hadn’t been tuned in years. He charged an extremely reasonable price; I thought he maybe should have charged more for the 4 hours of his time that he put in. Since my piano is tuned regularly by him now, it doesn’t need 4 hours of work. His prices are very reasonable and he is very courteous and professional. As long as I live in Colorado he’s the one I’ll be calling for all my piano needs.

  21. Karen Says:

    My piano has been moved many times in the last 30 years, and I’m sure there was 30 years of dust inside when Mr. Barber got started. He tuned and cleaned, informing me about piano tuning during his process. Thank you for your courteous, professional service.

  22. Christy Says:

    I am so pleased that I don’t even know where to begin. Mr. Barber is professional, courteous, friendly, knowledgable and a true gem. My piano has been moved overseas 3 times and dragged from the ends of the earth as we are military. As Mr. Berber put it..”It’s a beast to tune!”. And yet…he patiently stayed with the tuning until it sang like a new piano and my heart is full! You will love this man and the way he brings your instrument back to life!!

  23. Tacy M Says:

    Mr. Barber did a great job bringing a tricky piano that hadn’t been tuned in decades into tune. He shared a great deal about the way my piano works, and what makes it different from others. He was careful to give me up-front estimates, so I wouldn’t be surprised by his fees.

  24. Katie Janeway (LP) Says:

    Mr. Barber is a seriously professional piano tuner. From the moment he lifts the frame and gets into the belly–no area is left unchecked or un-tuned. He is a perfectionist that gets the job done right! We are always amazed with the sound of our ‘ol baby grand when he is done. He is prompt, dressed well and works without a word until he is done. And he always takes off his shoes–a plus…..And besides he is a genuinely nice guy. If you can, get him to tell you his piano story. It is really interesting.

  25. Daryle Hamblin Says:

    I have used Mr. Barber’s services for the last 2 years and I have been very pleased with his professional workmanship and commitment in tuning my grand piano. He has been very informative in helping us (and my piano) to adjust to the high altitude and dry weather here in Colorado, also. If you want good care of your piano, I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

  26. John Borky Says:

    Dick Barber did a meticulous, very accurate tuning job on a piano that had been out of use for some years. It now sounds terrific. I recommend him to anyone who wants their instrument to sound its best.

  27. Dave Says:

    Professional, timely and economical. I was/am pleased with the level of service provided.

  28. Dixie Says:

    Dick did a great job tuning my piano. I appreciate so much his thoroughness and education about how the piano works and what can be done to make it play even better. I am so excited to play on a well-tuned piano once again!

  29. Kim Says:

    Dick has tuned our piano twice now and I’m always thankful for how thorough he is! He’s honest in telling you what needs to be done, but doesn’t pressure you if you can’t get the repair done right then. I’m thankful to have found him!

  30. - September 21, 2011 Says:

    Dick, Thanks so much for driving all the way to Divide to tune and repair our old piano. It sounds amazing and you are awesome!!! I did not think it was possible to make it sound as good as you did! Thanks and I look forward to seeing you in 6 months for the follow up on our 100 year old Conway!

  31. -from Kalamazoo, Michigan – March 10, 2011 Says:

    I would love for you to be close enough to tune [my piano] again. I’m so sad you are far away.

  32. pianoplunker‎ – Sep 12, 2011 Says:

    Dick Barber tuned our piano for many years. He was always very diligent with our baby grand, working until he got it just right everytime. We were very pleased with the quality and price of his work. Michigan’s loss is Colorado’s gain!

  33. TonyG - Sept. 7, 2011 Says:

    Mr. Barber has tuned several pianos for us over several years’ time. He was able to keep some of our lesser quality pianos functioning properly to hang on for a few more years of service at very reasonable rates. He knows all the ins and outs of all the pianos and was also a great piano teacher! We are sad that he has left Michigan, but we know that he will do well for Colorado.

  34. Steven Says:

    Dick Barber always served us well as our piano tuner for several years. We would certainly recommend him to others for his fine service and reasonable rates. We appreciated his reminder calls and his pleasant demeanor. He is someone you can trust and he does excellent work!

  35. Beth Bookman Says:

    Richard did a wonderful job tuning and repairing my 38 year old piano. He was thorough and very knowledgeable. I am thrilled with the results and will confidently recommend him to family and friends.

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