The Value of Dampp-Chaser

The Piano Life Saver System by the Dampp-Chaser Corporation is one of the best investments you can ever make for the well-being and longevity of your piano.  Too much humidity or the extreme lack thereof in the interior of your piano can do serious damage and decrease the number of years that you can enjoy playing it.  Cracks in soundboards, weak pin blocks, structural damage, and even poor action behavior are all potential outcomes of humidity imbalances in a piano.  I have seen pin blocks so compromised by too much or too little humidity as to make the piano impossible, or nearly  impossible, to tune any longer.

I encourage you to visit the PianoLifeSaver  website.  Read all the information under “ABOUT PIANO LIFE SAVER.”  Click on “TESTIMONIALS”  and see what pianist, tuners and technicians, manufacturers, and recording studios have to say about the benefits of the Piano Life Saver System; and be sure to read “Piano Rescue Stories” under the same tab.  If you are like most folks, you will be a believer by time you are done reading.

Once you are convinced of the value of Dampp-Chaser, call me at 330-3780.  I am sincerely happy to answer people’s questions about any piano matter.  We can also talk about the cost of the system to you.  If you can’t afford it right now, you can start putting money aside toward the goal of having it installed  in the future.  If you don’t live in the Colorado Springs area, there is a “PURCHASE” tab  on the Dampp-Chaser website where you can find a tech in your area.

I am a Certified Dampp-Chaser Installer.  My body aches sometimes after an installation because you have to do so much of it on the floor.  However, I thoroughly enjoy the effect the installation has on pianos and on the people who own them, and I believe you will enjoy it too.

By the way, if you find this article helpful, consider leaving a comment to say so.  Thanks for reading.

Dick Barber,  330-3780


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