When Will I Ever Learn It All?

How much can one man learn about a piano?  The number of things you could learn must be finite.  Only God is infinite.  But sometimes as a still-learning piano technician the amount of stuff I don’t yet no know or understand feels infinite.  I have been doing piano work for ten years now, and I am still no expert, although some of my customers think I am.

In the meantime, I strive along side many of my fellow tuners for more knowledge and skill and excellence.  On Saturday, June 7, a colleague from our local chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild taught a seminar in grand and upright regulation.  Regulation is what piano techs do to pianos to make the touch of a piano consistent  from key to key, to make the power of every hammer the same as every other hammer, and to make every damper mute its assigned strings exactly the same as every other damper, and so on.

Now, I doubt that my colleague would declare himself an expert in regulation.  Yet, because he believed that he and we could learn  to be better piano regulators by him teaching a seminar in the skill, he stood up and taught us.  The result was that he learned and we learned.  In fact, I have to say that I learned more about regulating and gained more confidence in his seminar than I have in classes taught by some of the most outstanding teacher in our profession.

Thanks, Jim.







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